Shasta Since 1889 - A Brief History

The company was founded as Shasta Mineral Springs Company by a group of California business men, who also operated a resort at the site that offered the naturally carbonated spring water to guests. After a few years they started to pack and distribute Shasta water.

By 1930 Shasta had opened bottling plants in Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Ginger Ale was introduce in 1931, Club soda was added in 1941. By this time Shasta was distributed all along the west coast. 

Shasta claims 3 major industry breakthroughs in the 1950s. They claim to be the first company to package soft drinks in cans (which we know isn't true);  and they claim to have been the first to introduce low-calorie or diet soft drinks (may be true but other sources claim Diet Rite and still others claim Pabst); and they developed a new direct distribution system to grocers through wholesale channels.

Acquired by Consolidated Foods of Chicago (Sara Lee Corporation), in the late 1960's, Shasta's growth increased as it continued to develop its own distinct flavor formulas, and expanded its flavor line.

In the 70's Shasta became the distributor of the largest flavor line of regular and diet soft drinks throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company established its Food Service Division and further increased its market penetration by offering eight ounce cans and returnable bottles.

In 1982, new labeling was introduced on all Shasta packages. In 1985, Shasta was acquired by National Beverage Corporation and went through an extensive reorganization that changed its management philosophy. 1990 saw another label redesign and more new flavors added. 

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